Thoughts on the Spiritual Life...

It is late afternoon as I write this. I am in Bucharest, Romania preparing for a day of readings. Light streams through my window as the distant chatter of neighbors slyly beckons me outside. I resist the urge to join them but listen for the infectious laughter of school children returning from a day of studies.

A chorus of voices rise & fall as the gentle hum of a car passes by. Laughter reaches a fever pitch as conversations begin to wrap up. Slowly, their voices begin to fade. I listen intently as neighbors say goodbye & make their way inside for the evening.

It’s quiet now and the room is still.

My spirit soaks up the moment and my eyes land on an empty page.

What is the spiritual life?


Intuition Vs Wishful Thinking

Sometimes, I connect with clients who insist their intuition is urging them to go down a particular path. When I look at it psychically and see the opposite they are often confused. During those moments I take some time to explain the difference between an intuitive hit and wishful thinking. I’d like to share some of this with you too!

The main difference between wishful thinking & intuitive insight is how we feel while receiving the information. Often, genuine guidance produces a settled, still sensation in the body. Whereas, wishful thinking often creates an antsy, tense sensation in the physical body.

Additionally, intuitive information is usually devoid of emotion. This is because it comes from the soulful part of us that sees the deeper meaning in what we’re experiencing. The eternal side of us is not scared, anxious, or judgmental about the outcome.


Soul Mates & Life Partners

The topic of soulmates often comes up during spiritual sessions. Clients usually emerge after a relationship that held so much promise ends abruptly. They are then left wondering what actually happened. To their own recollection, there were no signs of trouble in paradise; just a seemingly blissful relationship that felt magnetic, familiar, and perfect for them at the time.

When I look at these situations psychically and view not only the pain of the client but also the pain and mutual confusion shared by their former partner, the answer becomes clear.

They were not meant to be life partners & soulmates. They were meant to be soul mates for a time.

Upon delivering this information clients will often question the validity of the statement and want to know more.


 Florence Italy, 2014 Photo by Nicole Bowman 

What Traveling Taught Me About Self Love...

It was the spring of 2013. At the time, I was living in New Orleans; a city brimming with magic, mysticism, and hope. I arrived there just 8 months prior (at the urging of spirit), and quickly began offering readings and spiritual teachings to tourists and locals alike. I became so enraptured with the beauty of the crescent city and my budding success as a reader, that I never wanted to leave. Yet, just as the sweetness of a New Orleanian summer settled in, my soul began to stir and the urge to travel surfaced once more.

This time I was bound for Europe, Italy to be exact. I planned to travel through the northern part of the country before making my way to central Italy in late summer but the details were not set in stone. As I pondered that further, the reasons for this sojourn slowly came into focus. Could it be possible that the purpose of this voyage was to have a greater understanding of self love & could it also be possible that traveling alone could elicit such a powerful learning experience?