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Hello Everyone=)

I hope you are doing well. At this point Mercury retrograde is underway and I want to show you how to make the most of this planetary shift.

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time for reflection. You may even find yourself taking a look back old relationships, friendships, or career highs & lows. There is a reason for this. Mercury retrograde grants you the opportunity to release the past, step into the present, and carve out a brand new future.

We may go back to the past because we have not fully intergrated the soul lesson we needed to learn from a past experience. This week, take some time to look at the one thing you have difficulty letting go of. What did that experience teach you? What lesson were you supposed to learn? How has your life transformed after that experience?

In order to help you with this I will use myself as an example. Many years ago I had my first serious relationship. By all accounts it wasn’t the healthiest partnership and even though we lived together and had plans to marry the relationship did eventually end.

However, in the years that followed I didn’t feel remorse for getting involved with the former partner and I didn’t have a desire to revisit the relationship either. Despite our ups and downs I knew the whole purpose of that relationship was to usher me into adulthood. That partner was never going to take the entire journey with me but the relationship helped me embrace my indepence and explore my maturity.

Once I understood those lessons the difficult moments in the relationship made sense. To be clear, I never condone or promote unhealthy relationships but I do understand that some relationship challenges shape us into the people we are meant to be.

Try it for yourself. Take a relationship or experience that you know you need to let go of and ask the question “What is this relationship teaching me?” Wait quietly for the answer. Once the answer comes thank that the person for the lesson and then say “I now have the lesson. I release you (say their name) from my mind, body, spirit, and life.”

We often hold past pain and trauma in our bodies. The hurt needs to be released. By saying goodbye to that old relationship and accepting the lesson we can move forward. Afterall, learning the lesson is why they came into our lives.

This approach can be applied to many experiences, not just relationships.

Have a great week & don’t be afraid to let go if you have to.

Love, Light, and Wisdom from Florence

Nicole Bowman: Spiritual Intuitive

Posted 179 weeks ago



So, it is mid-December and I am slowly coming out of my little cocoon. I moved from Romania to Italy and didn’t settle in as easily as I hoped. I’m usually able to adapt to just about anything  but the emotions of other people coupled with the  enclaves of violence that are starting to become world wide has made for a very mad December.

The holiday season brought more tourists to Europe than I have ever seen and the terrorist attacks in France, police brutality in the US, and the somber countenance that is so uncharacteristic of Florence left me feeling confused and a bit off center. 

Still, my intuition tells me I am in the right place at the right time. 

We are all are. 

I know it doesn’t look that way at the moment.

I truly feel we are in the midst of a deep spiritual awakening as a collective consciousness. The illusions of race, sex, class, gender, and even nationality are being torn down as I write this. The world can no longer sustain this myth of separation and even though we bought into that our false  sense of reality continues to crumble. 

It seems that we can no longer stand on shallow ground. We need roots that stretch deep into the earth. Roots that heal. Roots that hurt.

We are giving birth to a new way of being and the labor pains leave us in a state of suspended agony.

Our entire world is being cracked wide open. Not just collectively, but personally. 

Relationships are ending, people are moving, folks are battling addictions, bodies are breaking down,  and hearts are lighting up. 

It seems as if the old stuff that no longer serves us is being stripped away. Our bodies are demanding more of us and becoming more refined. 

Our relationships can no longer withstand the smoke screen we projected fantasies upon. We need transparency. We need honesty. We need a bold, brave type of love that challenges what we though we knew. 

People everywhere are feeling the push or giving way to the pull. The soul is stirring and the divine is waking us up.

“There has to be more to life than this” we say

“Much more.”

But this time we don’t just believe it. 

We know it

and we will not hide our light

even if it hurts.

Love from Florence, 

Nicole Bowman 

Spiritual Intuitive 

Posted 182 weeks ago


This week has been a trying one both personally and professionally. 

I had to let a client go, the Charleston shootings left 9 people dead, and the hate, vitriol, and panic on social media has reached an all time high.

Not to mention my internet is acting wonky yet again.

Things seem to get worse before they get better.

There are days when I feel powerless. I look at the horrible state our country is in and I just want to cry.
Why does sharing what we have need to be legislated? Why do people have to be put on trial or  publicly shamed to understand that killing people is wrong and you probably shouldn’t do that?

When did we stop  believing that all people have a right to live? When did we stop understanding that all people have a right to freedom and individuality?
Maybe we never believed it. Maybe we never knew that to be true. Maybe our our hypocrisy is now flying in our faces  because we have no real morals or ethics to stand on. Maybe  our society is crumbling right in front of us.

I wish I could write a lovely, flowery post but that really isn’t the truth of our current situation.

We hurt each other, we lie, and we ignore each others pain.  We deny people to the right to speak about their personal experiences, discrimination, and suffering. We tell people it’s all in their heads, the past is the past and we just need to think more positively.

Then we drink, over eat, gossip,  go to the gun range, and sabotage other people to fill a void.

We’re hurting. America is in pain and we’re going blind.

How many  prescription drugs do we need to take?
How many reality shows do we need to watch?
How many  new age movements do we need to start before we realize that what we are lacking as a country, a government, and a people is moral character, spirituality, and a firm sense of ethics?

We need to be accountable for the things we do individually and collectively; locally and  globally.

Killing people is wrong. Raping people is wrong. Forbidding people to practice their religion is wrong. Assaulting people because they don’t look like us is wrong. Policing impoverished communities like they are war torn countries is wrong. Incarcerating our citizens and giving them lengthy prison sentences so they can work for pennies to make corporations rich is WRONG!!!

And for that matter, going into another country, destroying the government, and then putting a figure head in office for political and economic gain is wrong.
And we the American people don’t always see that but we vote for it and we say it is ok.

I don’t profess to have all the answers. I don’t really even see the point of voting anymore. It seems that corporations have hijacked our government and everyone is being bribed to betray themselves.

Maybe the change we need begins  in the way we treat each other every day.
Maybe we can stop buying products from huge corporations and start buying locally.
Maybe we can create a garden.
Maybe we get to know our neighbors and figure out how to make our communities feel safe and warm again.
Maybe we can stop believing that we are somehow better than the next person.
Maybe we can buy into the idea that we are in competition with no one but ourselves and sharing with others actually makes the world we live in a friendlier place.
Maybe we can call out sadistic, manipulative, sociopath behavior when we see it and warn others about the perpetrator?
Maybe we can just shut our mouths and listen for a second.

I know it’s hard. The world encourages us to stay “busy” and “productive.” Quietly listening doesn’t make the priority list.

But I find that quietly listening to our thoughts, feelings, guides, and spirit is the only thing that will save us.  In truth, it is the only thing that ever has.


I let my client go for that reason.  They wouldn’t listen,  not to me, not to their guides,  and not to the divine. They wouldn’t allow me to be honest and do my job. I suppose I could have been a yes man and co-signed on  future events that I did not see happening. Or maybe I could have twisted the truth and modified the message so it sounded more pleasing to their ears.

 I could have, but that wouldn’t have helped them.

You see, the universe doesn’t work that way.

We can’t ask for help,  plug our ears, and expect creator to communicate with us.
We can’t  manufacture pain for other people and expect to find peace.
We can’t create misery for ourselves and hope to have healthy relationships or a positive self image.
What affects one affects the whole. What we put out eventually comes back.

When clients come to me wondering why their good has not happened  yet I tell them to take things slow and enjoy life. It sounds simple and generic but it’s not. For some people it’s actually hard to enjoy life  because they’re always looking for the next best thing.

Sometimes life is simple and it is sweet and in an effort to control everything we complicate it.

I know I do.

We want everything in our lives to be in place before we can celebrate the day. We want to know when we’re getting the promotion, or the money, or the marriage so  we can be happy and fulfilled.
But maybe, just maybe there’s more to life than what we think we want.

Maybe we’re just people  on a little blue planet orbiting in outer space and we’re part of a giant ecosystem that is far bigger than our appetite for immediate gratification.

Maybe we’re part of a larger whole and we just need to love each other.

Maybe if we allowed ourselves every day to ask what is loving, our actions would help others and put us in a position where we could attract more love and success  to us.

And I don’t even know what that success would look like but I’m willing to bet it is more peaceful and satisfying than anything our minds could dream up.
Because we’re not as  isolated or  as separate as the news media would like us to believe.

We’re not really black or white or gay or straight or  “other” because when our spirits pass the physical body, all flesh just decays and  becomes part of the earth we are now standing on.
Let’s do what we can  (while we’re here) to bring the planet into loving balance.  
Create a better world for the  kids.
Go speak at prisons and help create jobs for prisoners getting back to civilian life.
Go speak at schools and encourage kids not to go to prison in the first place.
Become a teacher.
Write music than inspires people.
Help someone with their groceries
Be a parent to a child who doesn’t have one.
Tell jokes that really make people laugh and appreciate life.

Read as much as you can and share books with the people you care about.

I know we feel weak at times, like the country is slipping through our fingers and we can’t get her back. Maybe we can’t. I’m not sure. But I do know this, we can get ourselves back. We can get our families back. We can get our connection to spirit back. We just have to be willing to do it and we just have to be opening to listening. Even  if it’s not what we want to hear.

Being open is a choice. So is remaining ignorant.
Truth hurts sometimes, even when it’s told with love.
That’s all for now.


Posted 207 weeks ago

Posted 207 weeks ago
Plant seeds, give birth to your dreams, and watch them grow.
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<p>Always remember to live your light, live your bliss, and love yourself=)</p>

Always remember to live your light, live your bliss, and love yourself=)

Posted 208 weeks ago

When we allow ourselves to feel a full range of emotions, life works! So, don’t suppress what you are feeling. Experience it fully and then, when the time is right you will be able to let that emotion go. 

Posted 208 weeks ago
<p>Nicole Intuitive: Blessings on the path!</p>

Nicole Intuitive: Blessings on the path!

Posted 220 weeks ago