Keeping our energy clear and vibrant is an integral component of living a happy life. Here are some simple tips to help you with that process.

During the course of our day we may experience a wide range of emotions and come in contact with many different kinds of people.
That is why it is important to have a daily ritual of taking off harmful or unwanted energy. 
You will need the following ingredients:
1 Tablespoon of epsom salt
1 pinch of sea salt
Here's how to do it:
1. Take a shower as your normally do.
2. Then grab the ingredients and place them in the palm of your hand.
3. Bless the ingredients in the name of the one true living God, affirming that the ingredients  remove harmful and unwanted energy from your mind, body, and spirit.
4. Now rub your hands together  and rub it all over your body. 
5. As you do this affirm that all the unwanted energy is leaving your mind, body, and spirit. 
6. Now rinse off and as you do affirm that unwanted energy is going down the drain and far away from you!
I suggest
The Complete Book of Baths
Robert Laremy
Cleansing is an act of removing unwanted energy. After doing a cleanse it is important to fill that empty space with something loving and positive. 
That is why having a daily ritual of inviting in good energy is so essential to our emotional and spiritual well being. 
To do this all you need is:
a personal care product you use after cleansing. 
It can be lotion, oil, aftershave, or a hair product. The only requirement is that it be something that makes contact with your body. 
1.Choose the product you are going to use and hold it in both hands. 
2.Close your eyes and silently affirm that peaceful, loving energy is flowing into your mind, body, and spirit when you put this product on.
3.Now put on the product and as you do affirm that this loving energy is coming in and being sealed into your aura. 
4. Love, light, and positive vibes follow you wherever you go and it is so!
You can say this out loud or silently. 
The key to it is affirming that it is working and expect it to work!
The more you do this the stronger your energy field will become.
Spiritual Cleansing
A Handbook of Psychic Protection
Draja Mickaharic
Once we have invited in good vibes it is very important to stay protected. 
During the course of our day we may have a number of experiences that can be challenging. 
Protection helps to keep our auras strong so that those challenges do not over take us. 
Do this ritual after cleansing and good vibes. 
All you will need is:
an item that you wear daily. this can be clothing, jewelry, or a name tag
 a piece of white sage or tobacco
1. To begin light the sage/tobacco and pray that deity cleanse your object of all harmful energy. 
2. Move the smoke around the object in a circular motion. Smoke is used because it employs the spirit of fire and the spirit of air. Fire is transformative and air travels carries things to us and away from us. Sage/cigars are used because they carry the spirit of plants that are known for cleansing and spirit communication. 
3.Once you have finished place the cigar/sage in a fire proof container and hold the item in your hand. 
4. Call on the one true living God. 
5. Ask God to bless your item, watch over you and keep you from harm. Ask God to place protection over your mind, body, and spirit and over the item. 
6. As you place the item on your body the protection is sealed in and protective energy is all around you. 
7. Affirm you will have a great day. 
8. You can say this aloud or silently. It is up to you. 
Expect it to work! You are building a relationship with the divine and growing in confidence.