Louise Hay was a popular metaphysician who encouraged people to love themselves and others more deeply. During her life Louise taught clients how to examine their thoughts and emotions in order to lead a healthier life. While she has left this physical plane, Louise's teachings live on in her books, seminars, and online classes.
Loving yourself and honoring the divine are essential steps in the psychic and intuitive development process. When we love ourselves, our spiritual practices thrive  and deepen.
If you are struggling with limiting self beliefs, read this book. It will change your life. 

Bell Hooks is a writer, feminist, and lecturer. She gives talk on positive self esteem and facilitating healing between men and women. Her work is beautiful and challenging because it forces us to grow, recognize our blind spots, and look at the areas in our lives where we may be harboring prejudice and ignorance. Recognizing our strengths as well as weaknesses is an essential component of being a competent spiritual worker and human being who is spiritually mature and self aware. 

Brittney Cooper is an accomplished writer, professor, and lecturer on women's studies & the modern day feminist movement. In the law of attraction age where many people hide their emotions, especially sadness, anger, and fear, Brittney embraces them. She stresses the importance of acknowledging what we are feeling because that is how we heal. As we accept and process all of our emotions we are able to more readily release them.
If you are a practitioner of color this book can be especially helpful when navigating spiritual spaces where there is racism, sexism, or misogyny. When you know who you are and live by your own definition, you stand tall in personal power. 



Litany Burns is a well known professional psychic and intuitive development instructor who has been teaching people to hone their abilities for decades. The techniques in this book are practical, effective, and easy to follow. 


Draja Mickaharic is seasoned magical practitioner from eastern Europe. His techniques are based in European folk magic and work incredibly well. Spiritual workers can benefit greatly from his teachings, as they keep the energy clear, vibrant, and balanced. 
This book by Robert Laremy is wonderful tool for people who have experienced psychic attack or narcissistic abuse. The spiritual bath recipes range from simple to complex depending on your preference and issue. Spiritual cleansing is an essential part of any spiritual practice. Like all the titles listed, his techniques are very effective and powerful.


Fatima Mboj is a gifted psychic, medium, and life coach based in New Orleans, LA. Her New Orleans Oracle Deck is full of wisdom, light, and divine clarity. Whether you are reading for yourself or others, this deck serves as a wonderful divination tool that is brimming with spiritual insight.
Medicine Woman Tarot is a beautiful deck that focuses on the spiritual growth and evolution of women. The cards are based on the traditional tarot deck with some variations and interpretations that are specific to different stages of each woman's life. This deck is perfect for self discovery, developing intuition, and facilitating spiritual healing. 

Deborah Koff Chapin is a gifted  artist who creates touch drawing cards that focus on developing your intuition and identifying the soul lessons you are learning in this life time.  These decks are excellent when reading for yourself or clients. They communicate in spirit language, which is not always in words. As you learn to decipher spirit language you will  better understand the messages the divine is trying to relay to you. 


Julia Cameron is a writer and creative who specializes in helping people create art that flows from their spirit. Whether you are a writer, singer, or visual artist this book touches the soul and encourages self expression that comes from a clear, authentic place.