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Posted by Nicole Bowman on Monday, October 22, 2012, In : Love and Healing 
Is it okay to say that certain energy doesn't mesh well with me?

Is it okay to say that I prefer not to be around certain people because I don't care for the type of energy they exude?

I've grappled with this a bit; saying no to everyone else & saying yes to myself.

Saying yes to what uplifts, inspires, and stimulates me.

Saying no and breaking ties with anything and everyone who does not.

If you are a light worker (and you probably are if ur reading this blog) you may be feeling the call to do ...
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Posted by Nicole Bowman on Wednesday, December 8, 2010, In : Love and Healing 

What a brilliant year...

I'm reminded of summer sunsets, heavy rain drops, and hypnotic winter winds that would not let go.

But times, they are a changing.

And I begin to wonder, who will walk with me next year?

I see glimpses of their faces, smiling & radiant, swaying to the music of the sun. God's light is reflected in their eyes as they gaze intently at me.

We hold each other close and realize we're touching love.

Every minute of every day.
And it feels so good.

Welcome to the family.


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Bathed In Light

Posted by Nicole Bowman on Monday, April 12, 2010, In : Love and Healing 
My future is now. In this moment, I can choose joy or pain, sadness or love. I choose the light. I choose the love that beats inside my heart. I choose God. There has to be a point to all this. There has to be a reason, and someday maybe soon, I will understand.

Until then, I will laugh and play and dance and sing one moment at a time...bathed in light

All Rights Reserved
Nicole Bowman 2010

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Looking Up

Posted by Nicole Bowman on Wednesday, March 24, 2010, In : Love and Healing 
Well, the weather is finally heating up, and I'm excited for summer!

 So much as happened over the past few months, and I have truly grown as an artist and individual, but how can I explain what I mean to say? What have I learned? To love myself, that's what.

I've begun to realize that I cannot take people with me. I must walk alone. I cannot make a person feel the love that lives inside them, only they can do that.

My heart feels heavy with all the pain I've experienced over the past few mont...

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Life is Beautiful

Posted by Nicole Bowman on Thursday, December 17, 2009, In : Love and Healing 

Life is beautiful when you turn it upside down
Look around and see an open door
There is no question
There is no doubt
Only you
Beautiful and radiant
Shining like a bright star
Never forget who you are
God incarnate
Something perfect, blessed
And true

All Rights Reserved

Nicole Bowman 2009

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I Should

Posted by Nicole Bowman on Sunday, December 6, 2009, In : Love and Healing 
This week I began reading You Can Heal Your Life, a wonderful book by Louise Hay. I recently finished an excercise in the book entititled, "I Should..." Here's how it works:
  1. Make a list of 3-5 activities/duties/life goals that you should complete.
  2. Ask the question "Who said I should do this?" (Mom, Dad, etc.)
  3. Then rephrase the "should" and say "I could do this activity..."
  4. Ask yourself: "Why haven't I?"

Fantastic revelations come up. I discovered that many of my "shoulds" where things ...

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Walk in Love

Posted by Nicole Bowman on Monday, September 14, 2009, In : Love and Healing 
Over the past few weeks I've discovered the importance of surrounding myself with positive, loving people. Human life is so short, and it's imperative that we walk in love and light. If you have the opportunity to create joy for another human being, please offer that up. We are all God incarnate. Let's surround each other with healing energy and embrace the miracle of life.

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The Courage to Live Freely

Posted by Nicole Bowman on Thursday, August 13, 2009, In : Love and Healing 

I often wonder about people who are so critical of others. Where does this come from? I've experienced my fair share of criticism, but what I find most compelling is that the people who rail the loudest rarely produce anything worthwhile. They may take a piece of art and dissect it, but are seemingly  unable to create anything meaningful on their own.

If they were to take the energy used for attacking others and channel it into their own creative process, imagine the possibilites. Would the d...

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I view this blog as a way to connect with others and share experiences. In it, I reflect on acting, life, and the process of creation. I believe we are on this planet to love one another and stretch our souls a bit. So give a little love away today. You'll be glad that you did. Want to Connect with me? Visit my readings page & schedule a session. I look forward to working with you soon!
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