Darkness Speaks

Posted by Nicole Bowman on Friday, August 21, 2009

There are times when I have no idea where life will lead me. Still, wonderful energy coarses through my veins. A giddy feeling of bliss envelops me as I share an unexpected dance with joy.

I've never felt so excited by the presence of the unknown...

Darkness laughs in the distance, beckoning me to join her. Tiny trails of light caress the path, prying my eyes wide open, but Darkness is nowhere to be found. Only a shining white light remains in her place.

I lift my hands to the sky, enjoying the richness of this moment. Then, sit a while; silly secrets dancing across my face. She will be back, and we'll have new adventures to explore...her gentle laughter leading the way, prying my eyes wide open again and again and again.

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