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Posted by Nicole Bowman on Sunday, December 6, 2009 Under: Love and Healing
This week I began reading You Can Heal Your Life, a wonderful book by Louise Hay. I recently finished an excercise in the book entititled, "I Should..." Here's how it works:
  1. Make a list of 3-5 activities/duties/life goals that you should complete.
  2. Ask the question "Who said I should do this?" (Mom, Dad, etc.)
  3. Then rephrase the "should" and say "I could do this activity..."
  4. Ask yourself: "Why haven't I?"

Fantastic revelations come up. I discovered that many of my "shoulds" where things I never wanted in the first place! Now I'm learning to let those "obligations" go and bless them with love.

This holiday season make time to love yourself in everyday and every way. The people who truly matter in your life will understand, and if they don't, oh well!

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