Posted by Nicole Bowman on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Under: Gratitude

This morning, I asked God what is best to focus on today. God replied: "Be grateful. Live in a state of gratitude, and make your life a prayer."

What a simple, sunny, blissful way to approach life. Living in a state of gratitude.
So, this morning I grabbed my journal and made a list of the things that I am thankful for. I wrote about things that I  have already experienced and adventures that are yet to come. I wrote about my hopes and dreams and the beautiful spiritual being that I truly am.

Life is funny that way, when we stop to ask we find out who we really are. 

Here's a little blessing by Richard Carlson, Phd: "Throughout history wise men and women have encouraged us to feel grateful for what we have.Why? Very simply because gratitude makes us feel good. When you're feeling grateful, your mind is clear, and therefore you have access to your greatest wisdom and common sense. You see the big picture."

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