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So, I decided to write a post about Psychic Addiction because it is so prevalent these days.

As a professional Psychic Medium I encourage clients to wait a minimum of fourty days before scheduling their next session.

Often times, tools for growth and time lines regarding specific events are given to the client. Therefore, time is needed to implement changes and watch events unfold.

Still, sometimes we all become impatient and want to see results immediately.
Perhaps, we begin to feel tired or frustrated and just want the feelings to go away. So, we connect with yet another psychic to provide reassurance that we are indeed on the right track.

The truth is that life is a cycle and patience is necessary.

The beauty of this human experience is that we can feel a full range of emotions, ups, and downs. 

This allows us to extend empathy and compassion to those around us. It unifies us and with time raises our vibration and the vibration of all who we come in contact with.

So, the next time to you receive a reading and feel that your good isn't coming fast enough take a moment and ask yourself:
When I plant a seed do I expect it to grow immediately? Nope. I water it and realize that my tree will grow in due time.
Maybe we don't need another reading. Maybe we just need a little patience: 0 )

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