Posted by Nicole Bowman on Friday, May 20, 2011
If you are dealing with Psychic Addiction or finding it difficult to trust your intuition I want to help you reclaim the still small voice within.

For many of us this starts in childhood...

All children are naturally intuitive, psychic, and mediumistic. They can discern right from wrong and perceive other dimensions that are not readily visible to the adult eye.

Often times, children have a sixth sense or inner knowing about upcoming events, relationships, and even the impending deaths of loved ones.

Yet, they are often discouraged from speaking their truth and rountinely told that it's simply their imagination.

As adults we often internalize these words and carry them with us much longer than we need to. We second guess our choices and look to the outside world for validation.

Now is the time to look within.

I want you to think back to a period in your life where your intuition kicked in and yielded amazing results.

Perhaps, you had a hunch to take a different route to work, even though you always travel the same way? Later on that day you discovered that you avoided a terrible traffic jam that would have made you considerably late.

Maybe you received the impression that it would not be wise to work with a certain client despite all their favorable reviews?
You then find out that this client had serious financial troubles and had not provided payment for multiple accounts.

How did it feel in your body?

What part of your body responded to the intuitive impulses?

Was it low in the stomach?

Perhaps you had a headache?
Maybe there was a nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right?

It's important to recognize how intuition manifests in your physical body.

That way when you receive intutive impressions you can be certain that they are correct.

For some of us it may be necessary to go back to childhood in order to identify a time when we effectively used our intuition.

Perhaps you had a feeling that an adult around you did not have positive intentions. When you presented this information to parents they dismissed your claims only to find out months, weeks, or even years later that your impressions were correct.

Once again, determine how that impluse felt in your body, and allow that physical sensation to be you barometer as an adult.

THIS WEEK: Live by intuition...

If you have an important decision to make surround yourself with the white of the holy spirit and ask for a clear answer.

Write down possible choices, and as you consult each one, see how it feels in your body.

If you feel any confusion recall a time when you successfully used your intuition and compare that with the sensation you have now!

It will not lead you astray! Let intuition be your guide!



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