Posted by Nicole Bowman on Thursday, June 2, 2011
A few days ago, I connected with the spirit of a man who passed away over a decade ago. Yet, he is still on the earth plane.

When I tuned in and asked him why he was still here I got the sense that he was comfortable. Making the transition was too difficult and he wasn't sure what came after the death experience. So, he stayed 

He still resides in the home of his family and they miss him dearly. They also think of him daily, and he is never too far away; just in the other room actually.

As I connected deeper with him he told me that he had learned some things. One of the biggest things he learned was connected to career, income, and material possessions.

"You can't take it with you." He said. He mentioned that he wanted his children to understand that. He wanted them to realize that "money, stuff, businesses doesn't mean nothing over there."

When I spoke with my spirit guide regarding this experience she explained that what we choose to focus on in life is what we manifest in the after life.

When we pass on and transition from having a body we are met at our point of spiritual clarity and awareness. If we were heavily focused on the physical plane during our time on earth, it may be difficult releasing the three dimensional reality.

The gentleman I connected with was well aware of his passing but also experiencing much of what my spirit guide touched on.

For him, the physical world was all there was. He identified quite strongly with his body, possessions, and things he could easily perceive.

Making the leap into the light was challenging for him because deep down he saw himself as three dimensional.

I pray that he will go into the light & connect with his spirit guide and grandmother who are waiting. They want to take him home and show him how powerful he truly is, but in order for that to happen he must change. And change is not always easy.

Still, I know if he will move beyond his comfort zone he can do it, and he will realize  how much lighter he feels & how much easier it is to communicate with his family members on earth and extend love.

If you have a family member who has passed on, say a little prayer for them & urge them to go into the light. When they do, everything with transform and the love they feel will truly be out of this world!



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