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Posted by Nicole Bowman on Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Well, I've been having a rough couple of days, and all I really wanted was someone to listen and hold my hand. So many well meaning people offered words of advice; from Abraham tapes to meditation, prayer, the work,  and back again.

But you know what? Sometimes when people are feeling low they don't want advice, they just want a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes, we (and of course I must include myself in this) try to jump in and fix things without allowing circumstances to just be what they are. It's almost if we are so threatened by anything other than pure ecstaticism that we try to thwart the sadness before it attaches itself to us.

Almost as if sadness, anger, or any of the "negative" emotions that many new age teachings mention are contagious.

What happened to just looking some one in the eye, seeing their pain and saying "I hear you. I might not understand, but I hear you, and I hope you feel better soon."

I mean, we don't have to absorb the emotions of other people in order to assess and recognize their emotions, but I think that's the fear; that we will absorb their emotions and somehow start wallowing in self pity and losing all control.

For me, that just isn't so.

I think about Jesus and how he went into towns and talked with people from all walks of life. He wasn't afraid. He knew the spirit of God was with him and nothing could harm or hurt him. That's why he could visit with the sick and witness abject poverty and still walk away with a spirit of hope.

Yet, he still felt anger and sadness and he embraced it. 

And what about Bayard Rustin,Christopher Reeves, Ram Daas ?

They felt fear, anger, rage, bliss, and peace...

But they allowed themselves to feel and express emotion. Not try suppress it  so that nothing bad would happen.

They were human. Beautifully human.

And I think that's what's missing sometimes.

The fear that "energetic ickiness" will attach itself to you and drag down your vibration. I just don't see it that way.

We are in these bodies for a reason, and I humbly feel that everything, whether it be the law of attraction, the christian bible, conversations with god, the work, or  a course in miracles...they are all a guidlines.
I don't see any of them as the be all and end all. I take it all with a grain of salt, and I see them for what they are tools in a toolbox. 

I just take what works and leave the rest, and I always try to remember that "negative" emotions are not really negative at all.

They simply have the power I give to them.

Stay tuned.



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