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Healing Services

How Candle Ministry and Healing Services Go Hand in Hand at Live the Light.

Nicole Bowman is a professional African American psychic who has been offering public readings since the winter of 2010. After deciding to go public with her work to help others pursue their spiritual needs, Bowman and Live the Light have risen dramatically within the industry. Recently featured in publications like Best American Psychics, Keen, and Bustle, Live the Light LLC is proud and prepared to offer you the healing services that you require!

There are few better ways to begin working with a psychic than by engaging in a professional reading. Nicole Bowman offers a range of professional reading services based on the needs of her clients. Psychic readings can be pursued over Zoom or telephone with runtimes ranging between 20 minutes and a full hour. These readings are an ideal way to get introduced to professional psychic readings because they offer you the chance to ask core questions about love, life, romance, and your career.

Should you seek healing services versus traditional psychic reading services, you will find yourself focused on the Candle Ministry side of Nicole Bowman's work. Lighting candles to improve the health and vitality of those near and dear to your heart has been intrinsic to the human experience since candles were first created. Now using her techniques as a psychic as well as her abilities as a candle creator, Nicole Bowman offers unique candle ministry packages for those in need. Each month a new candle is released based on a theme sent to Nicole Bowman through her work. Non-subscription services are available for individuals looking to prosper just in the immediate moment.

Candle ministry and psychic services can provide users with a wealth of benefits and advantages. With that being said, these services are not a replacement for traditional medical care. Should you like to pursue your reading with Nicole Bowman, contact Live the Light today!

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