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Online Psychic Services

Live the Light Offers Online Psychic Services For Those Seeking a Spiritual Connection.

Live the Light was founded by Nicole Bowman to connect with clients so that they could delve into the depths of their spiritual reading needs. A member of the Best American Psychics organization as well as a double-blind verified psychic thanks to the efforts of Shay Parker of Best American Psychics. To see what a spiritual reading from a trusted psychic can offer you, keep on reading!

Connecting with a psychic can offer individuals the opportunities to pursue a variety of life questions. Nicole Bowman's work as a psychic focuses on answering questions of love, career advancement, relationships, and more. With a focus on connecting with God, the Creator or Great Spirit, Bowman can lead her clients through sessions ranging from 20 minutes to an hour. Longer sessions are ideal for delving into deeper topics while shorter sessions can be beneficial for simpler questions.

In addition to offering online psychic services, Live the Light is proudly offering Candle Ministry subscriptions to those in need. Candle ministry is the act of lighting a candle that has been charged for a specific reason. Whether you want to light a candle for your health or economic prosperity, you can sign up with Live the Light, today.

Nicole Bowman was born a psychic and it is through her work that she has connected and developed her spirituality. Nicole began offering public readings in 2010 and has since become one of the fastest rising names in the industry. Bowman has seen her work featured in publications like 'Best American Psychics' and 'Refinery 29'.

To connect with Nicole Bowman for your spiritual reading and online psychic services, visit the Readings page of her website to book your time slot. Readings can be conducted over Zoom for international clients  or phone for clients within the United States. 

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