"I was having issue that I believe come from my diet. Nicole told me to asks my therapist (talk one) because she would be able to recommend someone. I have to say I was skeptical but I briefly mentioned it to my therapist and she did have a specialist that she highly recommends!! I would have never thought to ask my therapist about my nutrition. Great Adviser!!! "
"Thanks Nicole. You always do a fabulous job!"
"Nicole is awesome! She was right on with the reading! Helped me clearly see my situation with my son. She is very compassionate and accurate. I feel blessed to have been able to chat with her today! I will be back for sure! Thank you so much again for the wonderful reading! Blessings to you!"
"Excellent! Very in tune, and detailed, very gifted"
"Your readings are always spot on and have been such a huge help in my life."

"Thanks for the great reading Nicole!"

"Amazing reading! Loved the advice given and delivery was perfection. I will for sure get another reading! Thanks!"

"Thank you Nicole! Wonderful reading and it made a lot of things clear for me!"
"Wow. She is so accurate and so relatable. I'm so glad that we have met. Thank you so much for your reading."
" I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our reading. The most important thing I learned was to trust my intuition. You're an extraordinary light worker. Yesterday you gave me a great gift - trust myself , release, and receive. I'm grateful for my life even more than before and am grateful to you walking the earth now."
"Nicole is a fantastic reader and a heavenly soul sent from above I advise everyone to have a session with her. Blessings of light and love always for you."
"Very authentic... Provided me with some insight into my career challenges and offered peace in knowing. 
Thank you, Nicole."
"Completely on-target with insight; picked up things that explained so much. Thanks!"
"Beautiful soul, honest and so true in her reading."


"Really amazing, I will be back :)"


"This is one wonderful reader. Didn't tell me what I was hoping to hear but nevertheless left me uplifted and hopeful. Highly recommended."


"Excellent! Nicole is awesome, just like the others state in their reviews, she tells you what you need to hear. I really appreciate your honesty. Nicole was very accurate with my situation, 
I will return."
"Nicole is the best!!! Thank you so much!!! "
"Great positive professional reading. Thanks for your caring and kind attitude."
"Totally awesome reading. Thank you, Nicole!"
"One of the best. She told me in June this would happen in October…NOT what I wanted to hear at the time, I wanted to hear it would happen much sooner. But she told me what she saw, not what I wanted to hear. And she was right. Her accuracy and sense of timing are amazing. Just as important as her honest and accurate prediction, she told me what I needed to to do to help work on myself. You always feel better after speaking to her. She is a beautiful person. "
"She has guided me for almost a year!! She has been 100% accurate!! If you want the truth contact this lady!! "
"Excellent reading!"
"This lady was able to really tune into both situations and gave me so much insight and clarity. Wow, amazing, highly recommended!"
"Excellent. Very informative and genuine."
"Quite remarkable it really was an inspiration to talk to this lady, I will never forget out conversation it was something really different. "
"Extremely helpful! Knew a lot of what's going on with the people I was inquiring about. For example, when I asked about my stepdaughters, she knew that one of them was  having stomach problems, which is totally TRUE! However, she said it is due to the stress in the house not an allergy or food sensitivity (again TRUE)! She is very helpful and totally nonjudgmental. I will definitely connect with her again in the future." 
"Nicole is awesome in her abilities. Please call her! Very gifted!"
-Concetta Consulting
"She is the real deal people."
-Mystical Jenn
"Thank you so very much!"
"Second reading with Nicole and so appreciate how clear, direct and informative her responses to my questions are. Gave me guidance about the status of some upcoming projects I am working on and how to work better with people connected with them.Very helpful. Felt reassured and inspired even though there may be some no's or challenges. Says everything is going to turn out ok and trust this is right. Would call her again. Nicole is great. "

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