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Psychic Reading


1. Provide your first name, question, and the names of those you seek clarity on. This can include people, places of employment, and other organizations/groups.

2. Please do not provide any additional background information or identifying information about yourself unless it is requested. 

3. If you are unsure of what to ask, an appropriate question is: What do I need to know right now? Nicole will then look at what you are currently experiencing in life, what the experience is teaching you, and  how to approach it


4. At times, Nicole may work with deceased loved ones to answer your questions and complete the reading. Loved ones are only communicated with if their messages are relevant to the reading and necessary for your growth & healing. They do no come through in every session.  

5. Please do no invite people to listen in on the reading or ask questions. This is a one to one session. You are welcome to record the session.

6. Please turn off all electronics and motor vehicles before starting the session. Make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

7. It is recommended to complete a session by phone because the connection is clear.  If you request a Zoom session, it will be completed via Zoom audio. You will receive a Zoom link prior to your reading that confirms the date and time.

The most important thing to note is that readings are for your advancement, spiritual healing, and clarity. Take time to consider why you desire a reading, and how you  want it to improve your life. Set an intention for your session & understand that you are an active participant in your personal growth.


Please note that spiritual products and spiritual services are not a substitute for psychiatric care, medical diagnosis, medical treatment,  financial advice, or legal counsel. 


By participating in a session or purchasing an item/service you agree and understand that you the client  accept full responsibility for your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well being. 


By making a purchase you agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions and release of all possible liability of Nicole Bowman and Live the Light, LLC.

Psychic Reading


Nicole Bowman is a Psychic, Medium, Intuitive Artist, and member of Best American Psychics, an organization dedicated to providing accurate readings with ethical psychic-mediums.
She was born psychic and has been able to communicate with spirit her whole life. In the winter of 2010 Nicole was given the message that it was time to start offering readings publicly. The purpose was to help people trust their intuition and trust the voice of the divine.
Since that time she has worked as a guest reader, speaker, and psychic development instructor at healing centers, metaphysical shops, spiritual gatherings, and radio programs across the United States. 
Her work has been featured in publications such as Best American Psychics, Bustle, Keen, Elephant Journal, Pop Sugar, and Refinery 29. 
Nicole is also the author of I AM SPIRIT...Positive Affirmations for a Soul-Filled Life now available on Amazon Kindle.
Nicole continues to travel abroad for spiritual growth, psychic development, and spiritual healing. Pilgrimages to Africa, Italy, The Balkans, and New Orleans have enabled her to sharpen abilities, maintain balance, and read professionally for others.

Due to time constraints, Nicole does not offer general readings. Please have specific questions prepared beforehand.
She works with God (Creator, Great Spirit, Source)to utilize her abilities as psychic, medium, and intuitive to assist you on your path.  Nicole will  answer  questions you have about love, relationships, or the area of life that is important to you. She welcomes clients from all walks of life, spiritual backgrounds, and belief systems. 
During a reading Nicole may also communicate with your deceased loved ones  to deliver messages that provide further assistance for living your best life.It is important to note that deceased loved ones do not come through in every reading. When they do come through it is to provide an important message for you. 
If they have wisdom to impart they will make their presence known and offer information that identifies them.If she is sensing the presence of a loved one Nicole will mention them to you and describe what she is receiving about them. If she is not sensing their presence it does not mean they are not around you. It simply means they are not communicating with her for the purposes of this reading
Readings center on self empowerment, spiritual healing, and strengthening your own intuition.
The focus of all sessions is about your spiritual growth, manifesting your dreams and how we help foster both while living in the physical world.  

Questions concerning love, psychic development, career,  and building healthy relationships, are always welcome during a session, as there are an important part of our growth. 
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