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Spiritual Tools for a New World

Like many of you, I watched the tragedy unfold in Gaza this past month. We witnessed Israeli citizens being taken hostage & the Palestinians experiencing unimaginable suffering. The world was on and fire, and sadly, it continues to burn.

What can we do? How can we make a difference? Nothing seems to matter, regardless of the efforts. Many of us are left feeling hopeless.

At this time, I cannot recommend many places to donate. I have been following this closely & our Palestinian brothers and sisters on the ground have mentioned that the majority of donations do not reach them. The only organization I can get behind right now, is Doctors Without Borders. They provide medical care throughout the Middle East. So, in that way, we know our funds will be put to good use.

Palestinian journalists ask that we follow them, repost their stories on social media, and keep talking about Palestine. This brings awareness and shines light on the truth. I am high lighting three journalists I follow: Motaz Azaiza, Bisan Owda, & Plestia Alaquad. Please hold them in the light and visualize them surviving.

As for spiritual growth, healing, and divine connection, I invite you to better understand discernment. What is discernment? It is the ability to look at a person, place, or thing & see it for exactly what it is, not what we want it to be.

When I read for clients who are fixated on a particular outcome, discernment is what they struggle with most. Despite the fact that clear evidence is being presented, they shake their heads and insist it must unfold another way. They cling to the hope of another outcome. Many people are experiencing a level of denial at this time. We are witnessing a genocide on live television. Yet, some of us continue to explain it away.

I cannot adequately state what this level of delusion does to our souls, but I will try. When we plug our ears, close our eyes, and render ourselves morally superior or separate from others, something inside of us dies. Intuition, which is the ability to know what is best for us, shuts down. Our discernment, which is the ability to see things clearly, gets cloudy. We may also become angry, defensive, or even violent. Our combative nature rises to the surface, as we see our fellow humans as less than us.

This cannot stand.

As we move through this difficult period in world history, pray for discernment in all areas. Ask for the truth, even if it hurts. Read material that is in opposition to what you normally consume & examine it. Listen to people you would normally shut out. Allow your mind, body, and spirit to be open to something new.

Learn to feel. If the tears fall, let them. It is a sign that you are human and tapping into divinity. This is not the time to look away. Our collective prayers, visualization, and positive action is needed.

Ask for discernment.

It will challenge you, because it does not judge. It does not make people high or low. It displays things clearly and the message remains the same.

Discernment is the truth & the truth is unwavering.



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Nicole Intuitive
Nicole Intuitive
12 Νοε 2023

Thank you for reading. Please like, follow, and share. It makes a difference! Ase.

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