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As we move into December you may notice a shift in energy. Stay focused & remain strong!

December 2022 is shaping up to be a life changing month. Spirit mentions that those of us who have been doing the spiritual work, confronting our shadow, and setting healthy boundaries will experience a series of positive changes. Conversely, people who have not been honest with themselves and tapped into divine energy, may feel as if they are losing ground. That is why it is so important to stay close to those you love and remain connected to spirit.

This is not a month for making new friends or starting new projects. It is a time for quiet reflection, peaceful reunions, and remaining close to home. It is also a time to clear out unhealthy relationships and remove negative patterns from your life. After doing so, take inventory of what you have accomplished over the year and begin to dream about the future.

You may notice that as your energy pulls back and goes within, toxic relationship partners seem to reappear. They can feel your transformation and may realize (consciously or otherwise) that you are no longer available to be used as a psychic battery. Let them go, move on, and if you must communicate, keep those conversations short.

The new year promises great change for those who are open to it!

In Light,

Nicole Bowman

Psychic. Medium. Intuitive Artist.

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