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Updated: Nov 2, 2022

how I celebrate the sabbath

I've been celebrating the Sabbath for about 2 years, but it wasn't always that way. My desire to do so came during the pandemic of 2019. I was living in Miami at the time, and the world came to a standstill. Everything slowed down but there was no feeling of peace. By 2020, anxiety loomed overhead, and we all wondered what would happen next.

My work, however, never stopped.

My name is Nicole Bowman. I'm a psychic, medium, and intuitive artist. I connect people with the other side and help them with their problems. During the pandemic, people came out of the woodwork, and everyone had an issue that needed fixing. There were relationship troubles, job insecurity, and loved ones passing on. There were the explosive tweets from former president Donald Trump and a mixture of fear and anticipation concerning his re-election. There was also the heavy workload of articles and interviews that I continued to produce throughout the year.

By that time, I was spent, and needed a break. Taking one day off didn't seem like a bad idea. It had been years since I rested in that way. I spent so much time serving others, but I needed to focus on myself. It also just made sense to make the day holy.

My relationship with God was always simple. I knew that God was there. I was raised Christian but consider myself spiritual and I talk with God every day. My creator guides my steps and all that I do.

After stepping away from the Christian church, I did not observe the Sabbath. I didn't feel like I needed a specific day to connect and grew tired of the oppressive way religion was taught, in my former place of worship. I simply honored God and followed the path laid out for me.

That reminded me of how important it is to have balance. When we live a life of service, it essential to slow down and pour into our selves. Morning prayers, yoga, and other forms of meditation are wonderful, but sometimes, we need more.

The Sabbath is an opportunity to let the world go and lean into God. I light a candle on Friday night and say a blessing. It's usually something simple: a clear intention for the weekend; what I want to experience. Then, I have a glass of wine, a nice meal, and I thank Creator for the abundance.

I'll usually do some reading or take a rest. I love reading books on spirituality and the Sabbath enriches that practice. I just finished The Skeptic and the Rabbi by Judy Gruen. It definitely re-affirmed my faith and provided encouragement for the path I am on.

I don't worry about work, and I turn my off phone. I'll still listen to podcasts or watch movies, but I don't schedule clients or do any readings. It's a reminder that my relationship with God is sacred and the Sabbath strengthens it. It also lets me know that God's love will never end, and rest and relaxation is cause for celebration.

Readings for the Soul Monday-Thursday 7pm-10pm

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Nicole Intuitive
Nicole Intuitive
Oct 05, 2022

Thank you for listening, reading, and sharing! -Nicole Bowman

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